Imitation sonrisas absurdas, , pseudo repostera. 20. México.


Between Mirrors | Armene X Melanie Gaydos “Hive”

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Between Mirrors | Armene X Melanie Gaydos


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A lot of people judge me; they think I’m pretty fucking weird. When I go on a photo shoot, the other industry models don’t know what to make of me. They’re usually like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ It’s difficult for me in the fashion world; people think I’m a gimmick and that I’m just being exploited for my differences. My interaction with people is stressful. We’re all mirrors to each other, and I think a lot of people tend to project their bullshit on me. I have to remember that when someone does judge me in a certain way, it’s just a reflection of their own issues. It just sucks that I have to be the one that receives it…. 

Melanie Gaydos for StyleLikeU (TW for brief discussions of suicide and abuse)

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que belleza!

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A kitchen designed with a baker in mind. Design and organize your kitchen for the way it’s used. Bake a lot? Pop up storage tucks away a heavy mixer, but keeps it close at hand. Slotted storage keeps baking tins and pans tidy. 

Ready for a kitchen remodel? Find more inspiration.

La quiero❤️


"… te quiero como para escuchar tu risa toda la noche y dormir en tu pecho, sin sombras ni fantasmas, te quiero como para no soltarte jamas."

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Mario Benedetti. (via sweet-crimson-love)

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pls mom don’t hate me

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"you bitches can walk home"

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"you bitches can walk home"

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